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My attempts at painting the invisible things that I've seen.


acrylic on canvas, November 2023

What is the face of the divine spark that lives within each of us?


In the beginning was the Word, sure. But before that, within the unified wholeness, grew a longing silence. 


An unfathomable yearning to know, to understand. To forget and thus be able to rediscover the infinitude of Self. 


For when all is One, everything equates to nothing. 


No separation nor individualized node of perception means that all blends together, and though all is present, the subjective experience is of ecstatic nothingness. 


An overcast sky appears solid grey and homogeneous, until one zooms in and discovers the many shades within, swirling and mixing, impossibly complex yet cohesive.


From an airplane at 30,000 feet, the ocean appears as a flat, static surface. Only when one descends closer to the surface does he notice the intricate waves flowing, the dynamic parts of the whole.


So I say again: Everything, all at once, is nothing. Limitation and separation must ensue. 


In this light, an avenue for exploration arose in the universal mind: to put a picture frame around a tiny piece of this unified infinity. 


Consciousness splits, sending a fragment into this frame to fully explore, experience, and digest its contents, as if it was all that existed. 


Except– not just a single frame over a single tiny piece of the All, no. Billions of frames, billions of fragments, explored simultaneously, feeding information back to the unified field. 


Each node of perception carries a spark of the All, an unquenchable curiosity that inevitably leads to a remembrance of one’s own divinity.  


I call this spark “Sophia.”

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