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About Ronny


Ronny Bilodeau is a mystic, polymath, and creator whose excitements, curiosities, and life experiences have led him down an endless road of self-inquiry.

He creates out of a desire to express the ineffable, manifest the invisible, and understand the unknowable.


In his ever-unfolding cosmology, he looks for the patterns that tell the story of creation and demonstrate the interconnectedness of all things.

For there is only One.

Ronny's story (satori)

In 2015, Ronny had a Satori experience from a heroic dose of the entheogenic compound, LSD. This gnosis changed him from an atheist to a mystic overnight, and dramatically altered the trajectory of his life.

For the last decade, he has followed his inner compass to uncover and contextualize what he felt and understood in 2015. This led him down the yogic path, as well as several other spiritual wisdom traditions, yet discovered that each of these only contributed a small piece of the puzzle.


This led him to synthesize a new cosmology based on the amalgamation of ancient texts, modern physics papers, and writings of mystics, filtered through his own direct experiences.


Ronny sees that most, if not all, of the major world problems today can be solved by going upstream: elevating consciousness.

Psychedelic medicines, or entheogens, are perhaps the safest, fastest way to show someone a shift in perspective that can forever change them. For you cannot exploit another when you realize that you and he are One.

Currently he works as creative director for a psychedelic therapy nonprofit called Thank You Life, which provides financial assistance to those who cannot afford psychedelic therapy on their own.

In this way, he hopes to help many others awaken to their own divinity and find healing.

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